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Entering the world of weaving….like I need another hobby.

14 Jul

So wow, two blog posts already for July…yay me! I have always just considered this to be a way to document my various craft projects for myself, and for friends who care to follow me in Becky-home-ec-y land. But I have gotten a lot of hits and likes and comments from people I have never met who happen to also love crafting, so thank you!

Anyhow, today I would like to share with you my foray into weaving! My husband bought me a 32″ Kromski Harp loom for Christmas and also made me a stand (so I could sit comfortably at the couch while weaving) and several different size shuttles (what holds the yarn so you can pass it back and forth to weave). He’s pretty awesome. He has also helped me warp the loom up (getting all the yarn ready for weaving) which is a tedious and back breaking process. I literally cried when I thought I had all my yarn laid out on the warping pegs then went to load the loom and ended up with a knotted pile of 300yds fingering weight yarn. We warp directly onto the loom now. (All about warping) I have made 3 projects, and feel like I finally got everything right with this last one, even attempting a little lacework near the ends for decoration.

I love this loom, and very much so enjoy the weaving process. Aside from the lacework, you don’t have to think as much as you do while knitting, and goes by much faster for me. At 5 1/2 ft long, and 12″ wide, this scarf (shawl?) in fingering weight only took about a week, whereas the same size scarf with the same yarn could easily have taken a year to knit. I purchased a book called “Hands-on Rigid Heddle Weaving” and it, along with the videos I posted above, has been invaluable in learning how to weave.

For this project I chose a beautiful handspun cotton/rayon/flax blend with just a hint of sparkle for the warp (lengthwise yarn). For the weft (horizontal, woven yarn) I chose Araucania Itata Solid in pink (also used for vertical warp stripes). The lacework on either end is called Leno Lace, and this is achieved by twisting the warp in certain places using a stick. It was easy once I figured it out. Once I tied off all the fringe and washed it (by hand, of course!) it sat until today when I finally trimmed the fringe to be even and now I can say it is done! So without further ado, pictures!


pinkscarf1 pinkscarf2

So now it is time to pick out some new yarn, and begin planning my next weaving project! I have to enlist a new helper to warp the loom since my husband is currently not available- any volunteers?

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