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Finished Objects: Mairi Shawl

5 Aug

Somehow I finished this shawl while on vacation. I featured it in the beginning stages back on this post, and I actually blocked it when I got home this weekend, and just wove in my ends. It is done! I am really surprised at myself for being so speedy, although to be fair there was a lot of garter stitch and I had a lot of airplane time to work uninterrupted. So here she is:

mairi shawl close It turned out beautifully, and I love this yarn! I didn’t have the tag when I posted before -found it- this is from Nerd Girl Yarns Who’s Your Doctor yarn club (sent to me in a swap) and the colorway is “Like a Cloud of Mist” I have to get more Nerd Girl Alpaca. Have to.

While this was blocking I knitted up a quick newborn hat with the remaining scrap yarn for my good friend’s new baby boy. He posted a picture of it on baby’s head literally a few seconds after I left their house. How’s that for knit-worthy!


WIP Wednesday!

24 Jul

It is Wednesday and I am writing from beautiful Washington State! I am so happy to finally be here visiting my sister, I miss her so much -living on the completely opposite side of the country really sucks sometimes. Yesterday we ventured into the city and explored Pike’s Place Market, and of course one of the local yarn stores So Much Yarn and they certainly lived up to the name. I got a skein of Malabrigo Rasta in the Solis color way for a drop stitch cowl. I also picked up a Rayon/metallic blend from Blue Heron Yarns in a variegated purple called blueberry which I plan to weave into a shawl. There was a cool project bag which I also could not resist, especially after my friend caught me using a plastic shopping bag for my last sock project- whoops!


So for today, my WIP is the Mairi Shawl which I am doing in an alpaca yarn I got in a swap. It is from a Doctor Who yarn club and I forget the details, but it is gorgeous. So far I am halfway done with the lace edging and it is going really quickly. I cast on at the airport and got all this done on the plane ride over. I hope to do a little mini yarn crawl while we are here, and pick up some new circulars because these crappy ones from the craft store are really getting on my nerves. The plastic just does not flex an ounce. But they get the job done for now.


We are going to be really busy this week so I am not sure how much I will really get done, but there will be a lot of driving so maybe I can get to the body of the shawl soon. Today we visit Mount Rainier! The kids are totally excited after seeing it from the plane:


Entering the world of weaving….like I need another hobby.

14 Jul

So wow, two blog posts already for July…yay me! I have always just considered this to be a way to document my various craft projects for myself, and for friends who care to follow me in Becky-home-ec-y land. But I have gotten a lot of hits and likes and comments from people I have never met who happen to also love crafting, so thank you!

Anyhow, today I would like to share with you my foray into weaving! My husband bought me a 32″ Kromski Harp loom for Christmas and also made me a stand (so I could sit comfortably at the couch while weaving) and several different size shuttles (what holds the yarn so you can pass it back and forth to weave). He’s pretty awesome. He has also helped me warp the loom up (getting all the yarn ready for weaving) which is a tedious and back breaking process. I literally cried when I thought I had all my yarn laid out on the warping pegs then went to load the loom and ended up with a knotted pile of 300yds fingering weight yarn. We warp directly onto the loom now. (All about warping) I have made 3 projects, and feel like I finally got everything right with this last one, even attempting a little lacework near the ends for decoration.

I love this loom, and very much so enjoy the weaving process. Aside from the lacework, you don’t have to think as much as you do while knitting, and goes by much faster for me. At 5 1/2 ft long, and 12″ wide, this scarf (shawl?) in fingering weight only took about a week, whereas the same size scarf with the same yarn could easily have taken a year to knit. I purchased a book called “Hands-on Rigid Heddle Weaving” and it, along with the videos I posted above, has been invaluable in learning how to weave.

For this project I chose a beautiful handspun cotton/rayon/flax blend with just a hint of sparkle for the warp (lengthwise yarn). For the weft (horizontal, woven yarn) I chose Araucania Itata Solid in pink (also used for vertical warp stripes). The lacework on either end is called Leno Lace, and this is achieved by twisting the warp in certain places using a stick. It was easy once I figured it out. Once I tied off all the fringe and washed it (by hand, of course!) it sat until today when I finally trimmed the fringe to be even and now I can say it is done! So without further ado, pictures!


pinkscarf1 pinkscarf2

So now it is time to pick out some new yarn, and begin planning my next weaving project! I have to enlist a new helper to warp the loom since my husband is currently not available- any volunteers?

Two New Finished Projects!

26 Sep

Hello Blog! I’ve been away enjoying my summer, traveling and hanging out with my kids. It’s been great- but I didn’t get a whole lot of time for crafting. I did manage to get two knitting projects completed though!

Earlier this summer, I started the Ginkgo Shoulderette to challenge myself with a larger piece- with a chart instead of just a pattern. Normally I don’t wear chartreuse but when I found this yarn it seemed perfect for a “Gingko” shawl. It took ALL SUMMER. Fingering weight yarn is TINY, meaning thousands more knit stitches than with a thicker yarn.

Lucky for me I was sent to Biloxi Mississippi for a month-long training course. I got a lot of work done on the plane, and in my hotel when I wasn’t in New Orleans or Pensacola. It is also my first project which required a significant blocking (blocking is basically shaping a knitted object, get it wet and spread it out like you would a sweater you just washed) and it was tricky to keep all the edges straight and even. Technically I still have to weave in my ends but it is otherwise done:


My next,  much quicker project came together in just a matter of days. Recently we traveled to Philadelphia and completely unintentionally ran into a beautiful Yarn/Fiber Arts Shop called Nangellini. The owners were amazing, introducing us to all the hand-dyed and hand-spun lovelies, taking time to credit the local artisans and even give a very quick demo of a drop spindle for me and my husband. My daughter purchased some awesome single ply super thick yarn for her finger knitting, and they showed her how to use the ball winder.

I got myself some amazing hand dyed yarns- it was very difficult to choose. My very favorite though was a super squishy bumpy thick to thin skein dyed an amazing rich magenta and spun with a black cord dotted with silver sequins. It’s maker named it “My Heart Beats Double For You”, and while it may be the most expensive yarn I’ve ever purchased, it’s character makes it worth it. This made for a very quick knit as a Drop Stitch Cowl.


Completing these projects felt really good, as I have a TON of knitting projects half done and there always seems to be a new pattern I want to get started on or a beautiful yarn that calls to me. My husband cleaned out our spare bedroom so I can use it as a crafts/sewing room- just in time for crafting season (otherwise known as Winter).


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