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Loose ends…..a baby sweater WIP

1 May

I am fairly certain my least favorite part of a project is dealing with all the finishing. Depending on the object, I try to weave in ends as I go, but this has not been happening lately. This sweater by DROPs Design is called the McDreamy. I loved it on the little baby model in the picture, but I am slightly frustrated with the pattern itself. It is partly my own fault but there was a point in which I was supposed to stop knitting in the round and go back and forth to create a flap at the raglan edge, making it easier to get over the baby’s head. When I realized the error, I was at the neckline with a good weeks worth of teeny tiny moss stitch invested already. So I looked up a few more patterns to improvise a large enough neck opening in double rib stitch. There is no way a baby’s giant noggin will get stuck in there.


and a close up of the stitch detail…..


So now I get to just weave in all those ends, sew up the underarms, and hopefully have enough time to whip up a little matching hat before shipping this off to a dear friend of mine.

This is my 4ths little baby sweater, I have just gotten word that I need to get another one started- any pattern suggestions? I loved puerpernium but I want to try something new!


Finished Objects: Baby Cardigans

9 Sep

This week I finished not one, but two baby cardigans! I am actually still working on a third and am formulating yarn/pattern combinations for a fourth, but I couldn’t wait to show these two off.


First up, on the left, is the Province Baby Cardigan, a free pattern you can find on Ravelry, designed by Cecily MacDonald. This cardigan was constructed in pieces, and I learned quite a bit about seaming and patience on this one. So many ends to weave in! But I absolutely love how it turned out, especially with the little cabled detail on the front.

The sweater to the right is the Puerperium Cardigan, also on Ravelry, by Kelly Booker. This pattern was much simpler, as it is seamless, and made for a quick knit. It did take me a while to finally sew on all 7 little buttons. This one has no home yet, as it was intended for a little guy who I thought wasn’t due until fall but was actually a summer baby. Being a newborn sweater, he has certainly outgrown it already so I will be casting on a larger size.

Both of these garments were knit with Caron Spa bamboo/acrylic blend yarn. I wanted to use something the new moms could wash easily. It was a splitty yarn, but I got over it because the fabric really is quite soft, and just a bit shiny. They discontinued this yarn so it is on mega sale at the craft store right now….might have to go pick up some more before its gone.

The best part about knitting all these different baby sized sweaters is that each one has been constructed differently. I got to practice a set-in sleeve and raglan sleeves, top done and bottom up, button bands and seaming, all without the huge commitment of a adult size sweater. I currently have two possible Rhinebeck sweaters on the needles, and I feel so much better going forward with those after all this practice.

WIP Wednesday!

24 Jul

It is Wednesday and I am writing from beautiful Washington State! I am so happy to finally be here visiting my sister, I miss her so much -living on the completely opposite side of the country really sucks sometimes. Yesterday we ventured into the city and explored Pike’s Place Market, and of course one of the local yarn stores So Much Yarn and they certainly lived up to the name. I got a skein of Malabrigo Rasta in the Solis color way for a drop stitch cowl. I also picked up a Rayon/metallic blend from Blue Heron Yarns in a variegated purple called blueberry which I plan to weave into a shawl. There was a cool project bag which I also could not resist, especially after my friend caught me using a plastic shopping bag for my last sock project- whoops!


So for today, my WIP is the Mairi Shawl which I am doing in an alpaca yarn I got in a swap. It is from a Doctor Who yarn club and I forget the details, but it is gorgeous. So far I am halfway done with the lace edging and it is going really quickly. I cast on at the airport and got all this done on the plane ride over. I hope to do a little mini yarn crawl while we are here, and pick up some new circulars because these crappy ones from the craft store are really getting on my nerves. The plastic just does not flex an ounce. But they get the job done for now.


We are going to be really busy this week so I am not sure how much I will really get done, but there will be a lot of driving so maybe I can get to the body of the shawl soon. Today we visit Mount Rainier! The kids are totally excited after seeing it from the plane:


Wednesday WIP Time!!

17 Jul

This project has been on the needles so long, I forgot about it and bought new size 4 circulars thinking I didn’t have any. The pattern is called Kernel and the yarn is Araucania Itata Solid- yes the same yarn of my woven scarf from the other day- love this color. Well it is a simple chart, and I have only two more pattern repeats left of 23, however I have not been able to memorize it. It is just too much for me to memorize and I have had to rip back on the project back so many times I can’t count. This is the project that convinced me to use lifelines. A lifeline if you did not know is a piece of scrap yarn drawn thru a row at certain parts of a pattern, so that if you mess up, you can rip back several rows and not lose stitches.

The picture for now does not do it justice! The pattern is lovely,  and there’s a little beadwork, I cannot wait to see how it will look after I am finished and block it to open up the lace. But that will probably be a while- I am going to be visiting my sister in Seattle and this is just too labor intensive for a travel project. Might cast on some new socks?

wednesday wip july 17

Projects that feel good- NICU Blanket

13 Jul

My family moved to Delaware almost 2 years ago and it has been kind of difficult to meet new people thanks to working full time, and being busy with the kids. So when a friend told me his wife was having her girlfriends over for a little party and I was invited, I jumped at the opportunity to meet some new people! While at the party we were all talking, and one of the ladies mentioned working as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at the local hospital. She was saying she works specifically with the babies of drug-addicted mothers and how difficult it was to watch these little infants go thru the withdrawals-addicted to methadone, etc.

Later in the conversations I was talking about my knitting, and my recent participation with an online charity knitting club and it clicked! Would the local hospital need any knitted hats, booties, blankets? She told me they were most in need of small blankets to cover the isolettes (the enclosed cribs at the NICU). She offered to provide all the yarn if I just made the blanket, so I got to work.

Well in my excitement I forgot just how boring a garter stitch blanket could be to knit up, but I took the project everywhere with me, working on it while traveling, at the pool, in coffee shops, etc. It is just a simple Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth pattern, I liked the idea of doing the border as I go, and having the garter stich be on the diagonal for a little interest. The yarn is pretty light in color so I wanted a tight knit with no holes to allow maximum light blockage for the isolette. I took a few breaks to work on socks and a chemo cap for my aunt, but the blankie is finally finished, washed and ready to go to it’s new home!

NICU Charity Blanket

Knitting Project Bag

29 Jun

Since moving to Delaware, I have really missed my girlfriends and our knitting nights. My husband met a knitter where he works and immediately texted me- “I found you a knitting buddy!”. We got together this week and she showed me these adorable “project bags” she purchases from Etsy and her amazing collection of Knit-Picks needles. New needles aren’t exactly in the budget right now, but I just knew I could make some project bags myself.

After perusing the internet for quite some time, I found this tute: Suesse Sac. I skipped the patchwork and frilly embellishments (for now) and opted to add interior pockets to hold a few extras.

First- made my pattern with a paper bag, cut out my fabric, and got going!


Handles were first, notice the little triangles cut out along the curved seams, do this to reduce the bulk and get a nice smooth curve. Also press, press, press EVERY seam! It’s a pain sometimes, but this step “sets” the seam, and keeps things smooth.

I added a pocket to the interior, but did not catch it when sewing up the sides of the bag. Haven’t had to get the seam ripper out in a while but it is an awfully handy tool.

Tie up the handle, fill with a WIP! This bag is the perfect size for a small project like socks, washcloths, hats, etc. The pattern could be blown up to whatever size you want. 

SSS SOS : Second Sock Syndrome

17 Jan

I thought I was ready for a simple sock pattern. I have really polished up my knitting skillz in the last few months, I have made hats in-the-round (continuous knitting with double pointed needles, around and around in circles) and I have done basic shaping with increase and decrease stitches. So why not try and make some socks right?


I have made about 5 sock legs from 3 different “basic” sock patterns. They all had to be ripped out after screwing up the heel. But practice makes perfect!! Here is Day 1 progress with this pattern and the overpriced corresponding “sock yarn” from the same company.

And I finished this sock today:

And now I understand what knitters call “Second Sock Syndrome” because I think I totally have it. The excitement of completing this pattern is over- been there done that- I want to move on to a new pattern, a new challenge. Not repeat this pattern, in the same yarn, to get the exact same results!! My husband overheard the term while we were I was watching a Knit and Crochet t.v show on PBS the other day, and has been predicting this would happen. He knows me too well.

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