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Loose ends…..a baby sweater WIP

1 May

I am fairly certain my least favorite part of a project is dealing with all the finishing. Depending on the object, I try to weave in ends as I go, but this has not been happening lately. This sweater by DROPs Design is called the McDreamy. I loved it on the little baby model in the picture, but I am slightly frustrated with the pattern itself. It is partly my own fault but there was a point in which I was supposed to stop knitting in the round and go back and forth to create a flap at the raglan edge, making it easier to get over the baby’s head. When I realized the error, I was at the neckline with a good weeks worth of teeny tiny moss stitch invested already. So I looked up a few more patterns to improvise a large enough neck opening in double rib stitch. There is no way a baby’s giant noggin will get stuck in there.


and a close up of the stitch detail…..


So now I get to just weave in all those ends, sew up the underarms, and hopefully have enough time to whip up a little matching hat before shipping this off to a dear friend of mine.

This is my 4ths little baby sweater, I have just gotten word that I need to get another one started- any pattern suggestions? I loved puerpernium but I want to try something new!


Finished Object: Knit Oaklet Shawl

28 Jan

A few years ago, if you would have told me it was fun to knit shawls I would have laughed. “What is the point, little old ladies wear shawls why would I want one of those?”

Because they are AWESOME. That is why. Well so far I would call these more like shawlettes, or even kerchiefs. I love having them to just throw around my neck when it is chilly, and they knit up quick. For this project I chose the Oaklet Shawl by Megan Goodacre. It is a free pattern on Ravelry (find me on Ravelry). I chose to use the skein of fingering weight indie dyed yarn I purchased at the Shenandoah Fiber Festival by Puff the Magic Rabbit called “Oz’s Ballroom”. It is a lovely mix of blues, greens, and purples with a little purple Angelina for some sparkle. Without further ado, my latest FO:

oakletshawlette2oakletshawlette oakletshawlette1

As far as what else I am working on, oh my gosh. I have been so moody, I think it is the blahs of winter setting in. I want to do all the things but realistically I cannot. I am also taking classes for school which are sucking up all my free time. But I do have a few projects on the needles, and the spindles, and a really cool new toy my husband is making me (a homemade e-spinner! working out the kinks, there WILL be a post on this later!). Really, I think I just need to do something more challenging-but I don’t know if I have the time for it!

What are you working on? How do you lift yourself up out of a crafting funk?



Finished Object: Handspun Hat

9 Jan

Do you remember the handspun yarn I made a while back?

It is now a hat! I used the Stratford pattern by Zandt Kennett. I absolutely love it and wear it everywhere.

I am now more pumped than ever to spin, I am not sure I have a knitted piece I am more proud of than this hat right now. My husband is totally on board too- he is currently in the design and prototype stages of building me an electric wheel. How awesome is he?

Finished Object: Kernel Scarf

17 Aug

kernel scarf Ok, wow this project took me forever. I started it well over a year ago and put it down because I kept screwing up the lace. See this previous post for more backstory. I blocked it this week, and subsequently ordered some blocking wires. It is next to impossible to block lace too much while keeping a straight line using only pins. And I used a lot of pins.

Anyways, more pictures:

The lace just looks fabulous now that it is blocked, no more scrunchie ball of who knows what. This is also my first time beading a project, which looks lovely but the beads I chose were so close in color to the yarn that you really can’t tell they are there until you are up close. This has been one of the most challenging pieces I have done so far (I feel) and I am pretty proud of it!

Finished Objects: Tayberry Hat

11 Aug

Ok, when in your knitting career do you finally start to really visualize a knitted item from reading the pattern? Because I should have noticed by the fact there are no decreases in this hat pattern, that it would not be rounded at the top. It is literally a square hat, how strange. Anyways the pattern/yarn deets can be found on my last WIP post This knit up quickly however I did find myself having to tink back many times for missing a stitch here or there.
The bind off at the top was a three-needle bind off, super easy, but I wish I would have tried to figure out a way to bind off the top in an x-shape instead of straight across. I might still take it apart and figure that out but I doubt it.

hatworn I tried to take some selfies wearing the hat, but I am missing a piece of my tripod so I rigged up a plant stand, then I couldn’t get myself in the right spot for the focus. I need to work on it, or teach the kids how to do it, or put it back in auto focus. I have this one picture in focus but I think you can sense my displeasure with both the hat and my camera setup. Either way, I am a little happier because I realize how well the colors match my favorite coat. I hadn’t even thought of that when I purchased the yarn.

Now when I have complete control of my camera:
It’s a tiny bit big on my little man, but who cares! He’s cute!

WIP Wednesday

7 Aug

Just a super quick post to share my wednesday work in progress! This week I cast on the Teaberry Hat.

It’s been frogged a handful of times, because I had a hard time paying attention to the pattern, but it is starting to come along nicely. I am using the super soft Kenzie by Hikoo, which is a blend of merino, nylon, angora, and alpaca. It comes in a whole bunch of colors and I chose to work with this navy and green. Hopefully it will be done this week.

Finished Objects: Mairi Shawl

5 Aug

Somehow I finished this shawl while on vacation. I featured it in the beginning stages back on this post, and I actually blocked it when I got home this weekend, and just wove in my ends. It is done! I am really surprised at myself for being so speedy, although to be fair there was a lot of garter stitch and I had a lot of airplane time to work uninterrupted. So here she is:

mairi shawl close It turned out beautifully, and I love this yarn! I didn’t have the tag when I posted before -found it- this is from Nerd Girl Yarns Who’s Your Doctor yarn club (sent to me in a swap) and the colorway is “Like a Cloud of Mist” I have to get more Nerd Girl Alpaca. Have to.

While this was blocking I knitted up a quick newborn hat with the remaining scrap yarn for my good friend’s new baby boy. He posted a picture of it on baby’s head literally a few seconds after I left their house. How’s that for knit-worthy!

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