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Loose ends…..a baby sweater WIP

1 May

I am fairly certain my least favorite part of a project is dealing with all the finishing. Depending on the object, I try to weave in ends as I go, but this has not been happening lately. This sweater by DROPs Design is called the McDreamy. I loved it on the little baby model in the picture, but I am slightly frustrated with the pattern itself. It is partly my own fault but there was a point in which I was supposed to stop knitting in the round and go back and forth to create a flap at the raglan edge, making it easier to get over the baby’s head. When I realized the error, I was at the neckline with a good weeks worth of teeny tiny moss stitch invested already. So I looked up a few more patterns to improvise a large enough neck opening in double rib stitch. There is no way a baby’s giant noggin will get stuck in there.


and a close up of the stitch detail…..


So now I get to just weave in all those ends, sew up the underarms, and hopefully have enough time to whip up a little matching hat before shipping this off to a dear friend of mine.

This is my 4ths little baby sweater, I have just gotten word that I need to get another one started- any pattern suggestions? I loved puerpernium but I want to try something new!


Finished Objects: Mairi Shawl

5 Aug

Somehow I finished this shawl while on vacation. I featured it in the beginning stages back on this post, and I actually blocked it when I got home this weekend, and just wove in my ends. It is done! I am really surprised at myself for being so speedy, although to be fair there was a lot of garter stitch and I had a lot of airplane time to work uninterrupted. So here she is:

mairi shawl close It turned out beautifully, and I love this yarn! I didn’t have the tag when I posted before -found it- this is from Nerd Girl Yarns Who’s Your Doctor yarn club (sent to me in a swap) and the colorway is “Like a Cloud of Mist” I have to get more Nerd Girl Alpaca. Have to.

While this was blocking I knitted up a quick newborn hat with the remaining scrap yarn for my good friend’s new baby boy. He posted a picture of it on baby’s head literally a few seconds after I left their house. How’s that for knit-worthy!

Dusting off the sewing machine- Project Bag

4 Aug

Today was kind of a lazy day in this house, I slept in, did a little bit of cleaning, Skype’d with my husband, and broke out the sewing machine! I decided I needed a project bag because the two I have are just not enough lately, I seem to be having a hard time staying monogamous with my WIP’s. I loved some of the bags I saw in Seattle, even purchased the one larger bag I mentioned in an earlier post, but I have a really hard time justifying purchasing simple project bags that I could make myself so much cheaper.

pocketI used the same pattern from my first bag, and the same basic steps to finish it. This time, I used fat quarters and failed to pay attention to the instructions, “cut 2 of each color” which were clearly written on my pattern.
So I had to pull out another set of fat quarters and I actually kind of like the chaos of so many different fabrics. I also made an interior pocket to hold notions.

For the outside, I found some cute cheetah print velvet ribbon which I overlaid unto a strip of the bright red fabric and used a zigzag stich for just a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

All in all, I am really happy with how this one turned out! At a dollar per fat quarter, and some change for the ribbon and thread, this bag cost less than $5 to make. I am really digging this pattern- I like the tied top because I can just tie it to my pursehandle for easy transport, or hang it from a chair in public to hold the yarn while I knit. If you have made any project bags what are your favorite patterns? I would love to check them out- I don’t want my sewing machine to get too dusty again.

My first Yarn Bomb sighting!

3 Aug

6E5A0143So you all know by now that I was on vacation in Seattle Washington to visit my sister, it is over now but gosh we had a blast! I think it was on day 2 or 3 when we headed to Bellevue Washington for the BAM! Arts Fair. The whole downtown area was chock full of local artisans, yummy food vendors, live music and of course art projects for kids and grown-ups! As we exited the art museum to go for lunch, there it was! An airborne “river” of blue crochet connecting lampposts and street signs. It. was. AWESOME! Artist Mandy Greer had a booth to teach crochet and apparently you could even create a section to be added onto the exhibit, but unfortunately I was not aware of this part until they had closed down for the evening. It is supposed to still be on display into September so if you are in the area you will be sure to see it!


Quilt Project: Decisions, Decisions

24 Mar

So I have made a little progress on my quilt project!

First, there was picking out a pattern. There are a LOT of quilt block patterns out there, ranging from the simplest of squares, to the most ornate appliqued amazing works of art. I settled on something relatively simple- a strip pieced zig-zag pattern I found here.

Next I went to the fabric store to pick out my fabrics. This process took several hours and involved a bit of price shock. I haven’t been to the fabric store in several years, and it was not cheap- but I lucked out and most of the fabrics I chose were 30% off or something, and I got a rotary cutter kit for 40% off. So I learned to go on sale days, and I’m on the lookout for some discount fabric stores that I am convinced have to exist within 2-3 hours of Delaware. Anyhow- here is what I came up with:

Last weekend I got the first long strips cut and sewn together, then cut into squares.

Now I am working on piecing them all together. So far I have only had to break out the seam ripper once. I am excited to see the quilt top growing.

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