Simple Adventures: Lavender and Wine

26 Jul

My kids and I are still in Washington State visiting my sister, and we are having a blast. The other day we ventured out to Mt. Rainier to take in the sights. After a nice picnic lunch we went to hit the trail but there was a bit of a snag; my sister’s’ dog Rocko was not allowed on the trail!! Our bad for not looking this up before driving 2 hours to the mountain. We still got to hike around near the visitors center and around the picnic areas, and the kids were sufficiently worn out. Not a total loss.

As we headed back to town we noticed a handpainted sign directing us off the main road to “pick your own lavender/winery” um, yes. So we went to check it out, why not? As we pulled up the drive we were surrounded by a field of purple lavender and a little farmstand with lavender hanging from the porch eaves. We were greeted by the owner and soon we were going thru the plethora of lavender candles, sprays, and handcrafts he had in the little shop. Out came the wines for a tasting, with our host John giving a simple description of each. My sister and I are not winos, we have no clue about wine notes and pairings just that we like wine. John was very relaxed and not the least bit snobby about it, but very proud of his wines and his farm, Stringtown Farms.
After picking out our favorites we went to work it off in the field….he gave us a flower gathering basket and a pair of shears and we got too it! There were several varieties and the scent was amazing. Lavender is a calming scent, and between that, the scenic mountain view, and the wine tasting; we were pretty relaxed.
We brought home two large bunches of fresh cut lavender, two bottles of wine, some lavender-infused honey and a lavender scented soy candle. What a way to end the day!


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