Big Project Commitment Fears- Quilting

7 Mar

I have this habit of starting projects, and not finishing them. Or at least this is what people have told me. I think this is why I love baking- even a “large” project like a birthday cake for the kids is only a couple hours in the making. But I have been on Pinterest and have been super-inspired to attempt a quilt. Like I really really really think it would be fun and megarewarding to make a quilt.

It’s not that I’m totally new to quilting, I still have one of the quilts I made when I was about 15 and is probably going to be around another decade or so.

This was my “Strawberry” Quilt. I started it thinking I would sell it in my hometown of Cedarburg Wisconsins Strawberry Festival and of course I never completely finished it. The pattern was a simple nine patch, and all built of strips, repeatedly sewn together and then cut, re-arranged, and cut again. My hang up was in the actual quilting. I had no clue how to do it, so I opted to use bits of yarn at the cross-sections to hold the layers together. A huge pain for 15 year old me, who was already moving on to refinishing a tall bookshelf with black paint and a shower curtain.

My quilt has been through so much; it was on my bed all through high school, in my dorms the first years after I left home, strewn across the futon in my husband and I’s first apartment, used to protect my couches from all the gross things that babies and little kids will destroy couches with. You can see the stains, the rips and tears, I don’t mind them. Of everything I have ever made, this has the most sentimental value and has given me some of the greatest satisfaction in my handiwork despite its current state.

I’ve been hanging onto a book I received as a gift from a friend “The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt”  published 1935. It came across her shopcounter in the antique store above the restaraunt I worked in- The Cream and Crepe – which aside from having the best cream of broccoli soup in the world, it’s adorned in gorgeous hand-sewn antique quilts. Thus spawning my interest in the art. Much like the book alludes to, you stand next to these heirlooms and can’t help but imagine the stories surrounding them. The woman who made it, saving fabric from out of commission dresses and shirts, spending her late winter evening hours piecing it together by hand. Then in the spring she invites all the towns women to her home for a quilting bee, an event with all the social and practical importance of a barn raising. The history behind the art of quilt making is just as fascinating as the resurgence of interest in it has become.

Some incredible things are being done with quilts right now, and I can only hope to come up with something half as incredible right off the bat. My plan is to go through my book, and make a selection of block patterns I love. Then somehow somewhere there will be a pattern online, or I will have to devise one- can’t be too hard can it? I’m not even going to think about colors and fabrics until the plan is closer to fruition, and I have to see if my dusty old sewing machine still works. I can do this, it will get done, and it is going to be awesome!! Hopefully posting here as I go will help keep me motivated, and if anyone has any pointers, I need them.





One Response to “Big Project Commitment Fears- Quilting”

  1. ashley March 8, 2012 at 8:52 am #

    I love your quilt! Can’t wait to see what you stitch up!

    I started my first quilt a few months ago. It’s not going so great. 🙂


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